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Many of those who have been affected by blood cancers, either directly as patients or indirectly through family members, have a story to tell about how their lives were changed. In this section, we will publish testimonials we receive which might enable others to get a better view of how people's lives change, and how they come through their adversity.

Naturally, these are often confidential and patient or family names will not be published unless their permission is granted. We hope that you can find inspiration and some comfort from these; if you would like to write a testimonial, please email the Trust and we'll help you.

Here, you can download the first testimonial, from 2012, from Mairead.

Here is a link to Fiachra O'Comhrai's blog, which is well worth following, and here's a link to his Marathon for Marrow blog, also a good read.

Here is a link to Sinead Gleeson's blog, which has some very worthwhile articles.